Focusing on "engagement" rather than "revenue", increase your revenue and grow your business cloud brings you.

Mapp cloud brings you "The real value"


Mapp Cloud is a Real CDP, a really powerful digital marketing platform automating engagement using real-time customer insights.


Marketing with Mapp means relevant experiences for your visitors. Provide visitors with personalized content and take your customer loyalty to a new level.

Provide attractive, personalized content to your customers in an easy way, and the magic will begin.

Increase website engagement with your brand by making the most of all the data available.

Collect: Automate your recommendations based on user behavior, buying behavior and predictions. For returning customers, use the extensive data pool of historical user data to show your users only relevant offers and content.

Analyze: Predictions are based on individual data – discover conversion probabilities, forecast order values, cancellation probabilities and much more. You can be one step ahead of your users when you understand and use patterns in the data.

Activate: Respond to real-time behavior and prevent users from cancelling a purchase or leaving your site prematurely. When you use the data you have, your organization can benefit from additional up-selling and cross-selling revenue.

When moving from "Gut feel" to Actionable Insights Mapp Cloud should be one of your candidates.

Looking for a new Digital marketing Platform?

Mapp Cloud should be one of your candidates

Mapp Cloud brings customer acquisition and customer engagement together in one simple marketing cloud infused with data intelligence, helping you move from insight to action.

Mapp Cloud decides the best channel, best time, and best frequency to deliver the message, so your team can focus on what’s important – and exciting.

Mapp Cloud allows you to harness the power of first party data to provide the most accurate prediction of what your customers are going to do next – and it gives you an edge, because this data isn’t available to your competitors.

Mapp Cloud is helping you building strong relations with your customers, and the same are we in relation to you and your business, so you get the most out of Mapp Cloud.

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