Most often marketing traditionally perceives the email as a channel to generate traffic for the website and many marketers do not care about benefits besides the average KPI’s as "Open/Click Rate", "Traffic" and "Revenue per channel".

This is how most marketers do email marketing.


The E-mail marketing channel is not for revenue but for nurturing customers

There are many ways to increase traffic making catchy headlines, emojis and exciting pictures etc., which of course is a good idea, but the fact is that it is not enough, and the results will properly be more and less status quo again very soon even if you make even more fantastic campaigns.

To understand what healthy email marketing looks like you need to deep-dive into what role the email plays in delivering against your consumer expectations and the value these customer engagements bring to the brand.

Your customers have big expectations to your brand and their expectations change fast and constantly, so it's a challenge if you focus solely on revenue.

Your customers expect to be stimulated, entertained, reminded and most of the important expectations are that they expect that you know them and that you are relevant in your communication etc.

For many brands it will be beneficial that marketing focuses on delivering very engaged content to existing customers rather than revenue.

By changing the focus from Standard KPIs to nurture KPIs, your Email marketing team will shift its focus from worrying about revenue to worrying about delivering highly engaging content. The shifted focus will deliver better results rather than focusing on that social, email and Paid Media and all other channels generating sales.

With multiple channels, more contact frequencies, strategies, personalization, content etc. marketing is more complicated than ever, and therefore many brands are struggling with average results!

When brands are having to make so many decisions it is no surprise that many decisions are made on gut-feelings and intuitions, and huge marketing budgets are wasted on wrong channels and strategies.

Marketing based on averages creates average results!

In order to reach the full potential of your email marketing, and all other behavior-based campaigns, you need to understand what makes your customers buy and convert.

We combine data with artificial intelligence to generate actionable insights that let you connect with consumers along their journey with your brand, which means that you:

  • Grow faster than competitors
  • Remain at the top of consumer minds
  • Predict customer behavior before they start the journey

Focusing on "engagement" rather than "revenue", increase your revenue and grow your business



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