To achieve "the real value" you need a Real Digital Marketing Platform, which can help you...

...manage your data and take action on your data, so you can be real customer centric.

The real value of your marketing does not only come from CRM... ....nor does it come only from web behavior.

The "real value" insight is achieved by combining your existing customer data with first-party analyzes, moving from anonymous web behavior to enriched customer insight data, which brings very powerful fuel to your marketing.

If you decide to become real customer centric, you need a Digital Marketing Platform, which can handle your data and automate your engagement, so you get time to execute and measure which maximize your value for your brand and your value customers. 

With the right Digital Marketing Platform you will "Achieve more, in less time, with better results".

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Implementing marketing technology requires a great investment of time and resources...


...and should be planned carefully to avoid any negative impact on your day-to-day business activities.

By asking the right questions to digital marketing vendors, you can accelerate the time-to-value and avoid buyer’s remorse down the road.

Moving from "Gut feel" to Actionable Insights will give you more revenue, more customers, more campaigns, more engagement, more time for real effective marketing and less abandonment, less cost, less frustration, less decisions etc.


This guide will help you in your evaluation process of digital marketing platforms by highlighting 11 key questions you must ask every vendor.

For each question, you can see the identified risk of not having the feature/function and the must-haves you should be looking for in a platform.