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"The Key"

It is important to focus on customer acquisition and work with marketing initiatives aimed at generating new customers, but customer retention of existing high-value customers is "the key" because it costs you 16 times more to build a long-term relationship with a new customer, compared to the retention of existing loyal customers.

Grib your big chance, grib the golden key, unlock your data gold mine and win BIG.

Let's show you, how you accelarate your marketing performance including increase your customer database, your conversation and identifification rate, reduce your costs and increase your revenue and much more.

The challenges

Marketing is insane. It's complicated with multiple channels, contact frequencies, strategies, personalization, offer eligibility criterions, context, etc.

The larger existing customer database and the more online marketing you perform, especially e-mail marketing, and the more online presence you have, the more business you'll miss.

The development is going fast, so if you continue to perform traditional online marketing based on average KPIs, your results will be average, and if you are mainly focusing on revenue, then there is a high probability that you will stay status quo in a year or two.

With the harder and harder competition there is no space for average.

the Real Value

The real value does not only come from CRM, nor does it come only from web behavior.

The "real value" insight is achieved by combining your existing customer data with first-party analyzes, moving from anonymous web behavior to enriched customer insight data, which brings very powerful fuel to your marketing.

When you think of companies that use data on a large scale, the most of us think of companies like Facebook, Google and Amazon, which generates billions of dollars annually based on our private data, but data is not only for the mastodon companies, it is for all companies, which has a business-critical online presence.

Based on the enrich combined insight data from your current customer database such as preference data, purchase intentions, previous purchases, personal interest you can build very strong segments and personalize the nurturing your high-value customers by very precisely triggered messages including personalized content, at the right channel to the right person at the right time, optionally also conditioned by geographical location.

Focusing on "engagement" rather than "revenue", increase your revenue and grow your business.

There isn’t space for average.

If you grib your chance a pick up your gold mine that is at your feet, you have an exceptional opportunity to become your Brands "hero" and kick your marketing to a much, much higher level.

Move from ”Gut feel” to Actionable Insights and be prepared for receiving standing ovations at the management aisles!

Combine Digital can help you provide your new Power Fuel and get the most out of your Power Fuel.

The larger existing customer database and the more online marketing you perform, and the more online presence you have, as more potential in order to increase your revenue by decrease the abandonment and customer churn, decrease reliance on discounts, attain more revenue from your existing customers, Enhance the cross-channel experience and Acquire more customers.

analyze and activate

your valuable customer insights data

To make the most of all your combined customer data and to become real customer centric, you need a Real Custom Data Platform (CDP) with a strong identity management to achieve one single view of your customers, as well as a CDP that automates the customer journey across all the touchpoints.

Mapp Cloud is a very strong intelligent platform for marketing, where marketing actively – without the use of, for example, IT, can use all the company's customer insights data in real-time.

Mapp Cloud helps you collect, analyze and activate your valuable customer insights data, so that you get the best conditions to make your business-critical marketing decisions based on your enriched data.

Mapp Cloud lets you work smarter without working harder.

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The larger existing customer database you have, the more online marketing you perform, and the more online presence you have, the more potential in order to:

  • increase your revenue by decreasing the abandonment and customer churn
  • decrease reliance on discounts
  • attain more revenue from your existing customers
  • Enhance the cross-channel experience and Acquire more customers

Focusing on "engagement" rather than "revenue" increases your revenue.

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