Why you need a CDP at the core of your engagement platform
Using customer data to fuel and improve your marketing is nothing new. The most successful companies have been doing it for years, knowing that it is critical to their success. So why are so many businesses still not reaping the full benefits of their data? The key to success: real-time insights and unified customer profiles funneled into your marketing execution platform.

Harness the power of your data


Moving to one unified marketing solution

The Danish company JYSK delivers great Scandinavian furniture throughout 52 countries. Developing a strong online and offline presence locally is challenging. One of JYSK’s key challenges was unifying their database for all marketing activities across different regions and languages – until they partnered with Mapp nearly seven years ago in 2014.

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Is cookie consent affecting your marketing?
Having to ask for permission for your cookie policy before you can track your visitors’ interactions can have a clear impact on business practices, especially if not done correctly.

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Which data and analytics trends should you leverage this year?
To compete today, businesses need to be data driven. But for traditional companies, that’s easier said than done. HBR’s survey of Fortune 1000 senior executives finds that many companies are still struggling against not just legacy tech, but embedded cultures that are resistant to new ways of doing things.

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