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Let's take your customer engagement to the next level

Combine Digital is marketing data specialists and digital consultants  with more than 20 years of experience. We have a deep business and technical understanding related to digital analysis and automation, and we can help you with almost all digital challenges.

We have great expertise in working with data and converting raw data into usable action-oriented marketing data, not only in relation to CRM and web data, but all types of data from sensor data, finance data, member data, telephony data and e-mail data and a lot of other data.

Marketing is changing. It is becoming more and more complicated with multiple channels, contact frequencies, strategies, personalization, offer eligibility criterions, context, etc.

The development is going fast, so if you continue to perform traditional online marketing based on average KPIs (Open/Click Rate, Traffic, Revenue per channel) your results will be average, and if you are mainly focusing on revenue there is a high probability that you will stay status quo in a year or two.

With the harder and harder competition there is no room for average!

The larger existing customer database and the more online marketing you perform, especially e-mail marketing, and the more online presence you have, the more business you will miss out on.

Let us show you how you turn your average results into increased business in the form of greater competitive advantages, greater customer satisfaction, more harmony in the organization as well as for your customers, more conversions and thus greater earnings.

We are here to answer your questions, to help you to get your new strategy off the ground and to implement your new tactics.

Blow your competitors away and create campaigns that blow your customers' minds and which will improve your revenue significantly.

"Work smarter, Not harder". We can help you.



We are here to help you



Grab your big chance, grab the golden key, unlock your data goldmine and WIN BIG.

Let us show you, how you accelerate your marketing performance including increasing your customer database, your conversation and identification rate, reducing your costs, increasing your revenue and much more.


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consulting assistance

Mapp Cloud Consultancy

Campaign and e-mail Management

Together with Mapp Cloud we help companies beat their competition with compelling, eye-catching marketing, without breaking the bank, and we bring back the fun to digital marketing.

In partnership with Mapp Cloud, Combine Digital can provide you with strategic advice and consulting along side an award winning Cross Channel Campaign Management platform.

We can help you move from ”Gut feel” to Actionable Insights driven so you can boost your business.  We can help you get the most out of your Mapp Digital Marketing Platform, from "onboarding" to support, validation, ad hoc reports, workshops, consulting, strategy, MWAs, courses, implementing your new the tactics etc.

You can also choose to free up more time for business-critical decisions while letting our Campaign Management Team handle your digital marketing campaigns on your behalf, as well as consider letting our email marketing specialists provide very effective delivery of your emails.

The possibilities are many.

Please do not hesitate if you would like a one-on-one meeting about how you can become real customer centric, where we discuss your digital business, strategy and needs.

Strategy Consultancy

Lead Generation

Whether you need to optimize your current marketing to fit your business goals, or you need a complete overhaul of your processes, our Strategy Consultancy team will be able to help you achieve success.

Our Lead Generation Team can help you identify and acquire new customers, so your database grows with qualified leads, and we can also help you nurture your customers through the sales funnel.

Power bi


We also have very strong Power BI senior skills, and we know the pitfalls, which has saved many of our clients from lot of annoying experience, frustration, delayed projects, and money.

We are strong in Key Performance Indicator consulting and KPI execution, and with our many years of experience we have developed our own strong, well-developed and proven KPI models.

We facilitate the establishment of KPIs and ensure that data is collected, processed and reported to the right stakeholders. We also specialize in data visualization, data integration, dashboards with 3rd party data, performance measurement and implementation as well as development and consolidation of digital strategies.


Companies have different needs, some want to manage it all themselves, while others want to outsource in whole or in part.

We can help you no matter what your needs are in relation to digital analysis and automation.


78% in marketing mention
that their ability to integrate
with non-marketing technology
(eg CRM, ERP) is a priority.



Why Mapp cloud?

Are you one of the 78 %? If so you should certainly take a look at Mapp Cloud!

As passionate data specialists we are in love with the Real Customer Data Platform, Mapp Cloud, because of all the benefits you will get.

Mapp Cloud will meet your needs also in the future, and Mapp Cloud will give you enormous marketing power to reach your goals for your business.

Mapp Cloud is a very powerful digital marketing platform which automates "engagement" using real-time customer insight and it gives you the most accurate knowledge of what your customers will do next.

It has been important for us to choose a supplier who is constantly evolving and who can provide a Real CDP (Customer Data Platform) with strong, fast and competent support without a heavy bureaucratic setup and without any hidden costs.


Discover how we can help your company move to insight-led engagement, and learn how to boost your customer’s online experience.


We are here to help you



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