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50 years anniversary and still going strong.

Market research shows that the e-mail is still one of the most powerful and most cost-effective marketing tools, when it comes to personal communication.

In a digital world where things are moving so fast, it is so much more impressive, that the email is still the workhorse of marketing, and still contribute the biggest ROI for marketing and still is the key, when it comes to increase the company's revenue.

Unfortunately many brands do not benefit of the e-mail marketing channel as much as they could, and the E-mail marketing campaigns are very often status quo even if the content and the campaign has been very well executed.

What to do?



6 Easy Steps to Email Marketing Success


Studies show email remains one of the most powerful and cost-effective tools in the digital marketers’ arsenal – especially when it comes to permission-based promotional messages and personal communications. Here are our key recommendations to maximize the impact of your email campaigns, increase open rates and boost customer engagement.

Read the top tips to boosting open rates and generating even higher levels of customer engagement.


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6 Steps to Wake Up Your Customer Base and Increase Loyalty


Savvy marketers know that analyzing their customers' actions and understanding their needs is key to establishing loyalty. Making this happen can feel like a complicated task at times, but there are measures you can take which can not only make this easier but will also ensure that your loyalty programs are more effective.

Yes to increased loyalty!



Ebook: 5 Tips for Actionable Customer Insights

In this exclusive e-book, you will learn:

• How to go beyond raw data and truly get to know your customers
• How to increase customer centricity by collaborating with your customers
• The benefits of consolidating and unifying all of your data
• How to analyze your customer journeys – all touchpoints included

Download this ebook to discover the types of customer insights from which your business can learn



Evaluation guide: Looking for a New Digital Marketing Platform?


Do you want to improve your marketing "Achieve more, in less time, with much better results?!"

Case Studies

Case Study: JYSK

With different marketing strategy requirements, JYSK needed a solution that provided them with a “single source of truth.”

JYSK wanted to not only boost their database numbers, but also enrich those profiles, providing a more granular view of their customers.

Customer experience was important for JYSK, and they wanted to create a campaign to engage with their current customers, as well as potential future customers.



The Danish Digital Public Library

How the Digital Public Library helps create unique experiences for 5.5 million users.


·         Better understand the many different user

·         Improve user experience of their websites

·         Increase the availability of resources across all Danish public libraries

·         Provide relevant information to the right person, at the right time