Do you and your marketing team struggle with average results...?

...and do you waste your time and skills on tools, content and doubtful data?

It sounds quite awful and very, very expensive!


For the majority of all online critical businesses it costs much more to continue with traditional silo anonymous average KPI-based online marketing than upgrading to being real customer centric!


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How to Ensure Your Business is Customer Obsessed

When: Jul 7, 2021 | UK - Online Event | 10:00-11:00 am BST

Consumer facing brands are at the forefront of customer experience, in fact they are customer obsessed.

Come along to this session to find out how Mapp has already helped many successful brands such as
Vivienne Westwood, Peacocks, bonprix, TOAST, Dolce & Gabbana, Geox and many more, to turbo-charge their strategies.

Join this insightful one hour webinar that is intended for senior B2C marketers across Europe.



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